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We provide working capital to companies of all sizes
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What is Working Capital?

Receivables + Inventory – Payables

What others owe you
(accounts receivable)

Product or materials that
you have on hand

What you owe to others
(accounts payable)

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Working capital is to your business, as motor oil is to your car:
...You need it if you want to get anywhere.

Did you know?
More companies go out of business because they don’t have enough working capital than for any other reason.

Financing of Payables

Financing of Inventory

Financing of Receivables

We address all your working capital needs

We provide flexible, creative solutions
to All working capital needs



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When we went from selling $2 million a year in medical equipment to the federal government to selling $10 million, we found ourselves in trouble. Our vendor did not want to increase our line of credit and our bank would not loan us the working capital we needed to meet our contracts because we did not have enough financial history.
Sole source of a medical device to the American Government
Sole source of a medical device to the American Government
Liquid Capital Southwest gave us the financial support we needed allowed us to thrive.”When money has been tight, due to lost contracts and slow payment from existing customers, Ron and Liquid Capital have always come through for us. By selling our invoices to Liquid Capital, we have been able to pay our vendors in a timely manner and even get prompt payment discounts. Without the support of Ron and his company, we may very well have closed our doors. Now our outlook is better than ever."
Lawn and landscape company in San Antonio, Texas
Lawn and landscape company in San Antonio, Texas
Before Liquid Capital, I was unable to fund the orders needed to grow my business and had to turn opportunities away. Now, business is booming.
Harry Locke
Locke Imports Inc.
Liquid Capital pulled all the stops to fund our last minute request. They truly understand our business needs and their approach is class act.
Keith Smith
President / Allstar Energy Inc.
Liquid Capital came along and helped to save the day to keep us moving forward
IGX Global
IGX Global
After five years spent working with Liquid Capital, we have higher volumes. It has enabled us to use other couriers, hire more people and vehicles. Liquid Capital not only saved us money, it MADE us money.
Kessler Overnight Expedite
Position / Kessler Overnight Expedite
Ron Edinger and Liquid Capital have been outstanding advisors to us at Produce and Processing Company. They have helped us to improve financial controls, worked with us to develop effective tax strategies, and even helped us hire a new controller. Today he is our most valuable partner. We don't make any large decisions without seeking out his advice which is always thoughtful and very helpful. During the last two years our sales have increased by 50% and our profits have increased by over 40%, so our performance speaks for itself. More recently he has financed our larger accounts receivable, thus providing us with the ability to pay cash for our produce buys and thus get very substantial price discounts.
Produce and processing company financing in San Antonio,Texas