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IT companies face a fundamental issue about bank financing when they try to get lines of credit:  Banks want to lend on collateral.  IT companies often have very little in the way of “hard” assets—their assets are people.  Even if an IT company gets a bank line, that line is unlikely to grow based on the company’s growth.

We help IT companies with Accounts Receivable Credit Lines, and if it happens that an IT company does have a bank line, we offer temporary increases in the line with our Purchase Finance Program.

Many IT companies outsource portions of software development or technical support services, often to developing countries, where subcontractors typically have no access to capital.    In these cases, we can help increase working capital and the stability of the supply chain with our Supply Chain Payment Program.


Short Term Financing for Information Tech Industry

Short Term Financing for Information Tech Industry

  • Purchase Finance Program

     Accounts receivable financing isn’t an option until you have already completed work or delivered products. we designed our Purchase Finance Program (PFP) to meet your need for “opportunities” working capital. 

  • Accounts Receivable Credit Line Program

    Liquid Capital’s A/R Credit Line program is a fast, reliable solution that provides immediate financing through the sale of credit-worthy B2B invoices. 

  • Supply Chain Payment Program (SCPay)

    SCPay allows a company to standardize accounts payable terms, reduce internal administrative efforts and accounting costs while providing early payment options on approved supplier invoices.  All this can be accomplished without affecting your relationship with your bank.

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