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Trucking and Hauling

In this capital-intensive business, a company’s growth can be stymied by lack of operating capital to expand.  Liquid Capital steps in as a working capital supplier to help manage cash flow.  By identifying weak links, we help companies avoid the risk of growing too fast before having the right financial infrastructure in place. Companies using our services have a better understanding of their cash flow. They can manage their accounts receivables more effectively because they can access our real-time online system –and this usually means getting paid faster.

Drilling Fluids and Frac Sand Supply

A company may have an MSA, a P.O. and a supplier, but if they do not have enough capital to increase the amount of sand/minerals they can buy and sell they cannot take advantage of the opportunity.  For the company to be able to comply with the supplier’s request for payments, current sales need to increase.  If your client is a credit-worthy Company with revenue of at least $10mm, Liquid Capital can finance the operations from receipt of the P.O. to payment of the invoices by the customer.

Oil Field Staffing Services

We finance the Accounts Receivable to bridge the gap between payroll and collections.

You’ve Built a Plant—Now What?

A company may have enough equity to build a plant but not enough capital to finance day to day operations. We can step in to finance the operations and help take the project or company from zero cash flow to a profitable and stable position.


Did you know?

From the time our clients start operating, we help analyze which companies would be credit-worthy customers.  This is critical for minimizing risk, especially during the first phase or start-up of an operation where a significant loss with one client can sink a company.  With the Eagle Ford in our backyard, we have access to unofficial information that can help steer a company in the right direction.  Also, we often have other clients who might represent strategic partners for a company’s operations.

Short Term Financing for Petroleum Industry

Short Term Financing for Petroleum Industry

  • Purchase Finance Program

     Accounts receivable financing isn’t an option until you have already completed work or delivered products. we designed our Purchase Finance Program (PFP) to meet your need for “opportunities” working capital. 

  • Accounts Receivable Credit Line Program

    Liquid Capital’s A/R Credit Line program is a fast, reliable solution that provides immediate financing through the sale of credit-worthy B2B invoices. 

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