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We know that produce companies operate in a complex environment. Their need to adhere to PACA’s requirements is critical.  The need for immediate cash to pay growers can put strain on a produce company’s cash flow.

Our financial solution is to supply produce companies with A/R credit lines and growers with payment guarantees.  Growers that would ordinarily require a large deposit or pre-payment before shipping product are willing to accept smaller deposits, because they know Liquid Capital will pay them once the product they have shipped has passed inspection.

This customized approach increases working capital that can fund the expansion of the business.  Our staff includes native Spanish speakers, which proves invaluable in this process.

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Short Term Financing for Produce Industry

Short Term Financing for Produce Industry

  • Purchase Finance Program

     Accounts receivable financing isn’t an option until you have already completed work or delivered products. we designed our Purchase Finance Program (PFP) to meet your need for “opportunities” working capital. 

  • Accounts Receivable Credit Line Program

    Liquid Capital’s A/R Credit Line program is a fast, reliable solution that provides immediate financing through the sale of credit-worthy B2B invoices. 

Financial Programs

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