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A staffing company’s primary cost of doing business is the weekly company payroll. The company must come up with the cash to pay employees for the work they do, even though their customer may not pay for a month or more.  Many other expenses (rent, supplies, advertising, etc.) cannot be put off either. Liquid Capital’s A/R credit lines alleviate this stress by providing virtually unlimited funding to established and new staffing companies. We require no minimum volume.  Our funding is same-day or next day, with wires or ACH deposits made once we receive invoices and time cards. (Under a staffing company’s direction, we can send funds for payroll directly to the payroll company.) We advise staffing companies which customers are likely to pay via our credit analysis service. Our online reporting means that companies can stay up-to-date on payments and make sure payments are correct.


Short Term Financing for the Staffing Industry

Short Term Financing for the Staffing Industry

  • Purchase Finance Program

     Accounts receivable financing isn’t an option until you have already completed work or delivered products. we designed our Purchase Finance Program (PFP) to meet your need for “opportunities” working capital. 

  • Accounts Receivable Credit Line Program

    Liquid Capital’s A/R Credit Line program is a fast, reliable solution that provides immediate financing through the sale of credit-worthy B2B invoices. 

  • Cash Plus Program

    Did you know you can get cash, based on your future sales, even if you don’t take credit cards?  Maybe you want to open a new location, pay for advertising, make improvements, or just weather a storm. Our new funding program, based on combined monthly revenue, can supply the boost a company needs. Read More About Our Cash Plus Program

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