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Accounts Receivable Credit Line Program

Every business eventually faces the need for financing.  Because so much of a business’ wealth is tied up in accounts receivable, it can be difficult for owners to take new orders.  Liquid Capital’s A/R Credit Line program is a fast, reliable solution that provides immediate financing through the sale of credit-worthy B2B invoices.  Based on flexible underwriting, it’s not like traditional lending with the lengthy process, business history, or debt.  Ultimately, it allows you to strengthen your balance sheet while control of the business stays with you.  Options with this program include Protection Plus, Cash-Plus, PFP, and P.O Financing, and Vendor Guarantees.

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 “Liquid Capital pulled all the stops to fund our last minute request. They truly understand our business needs and their approach is class act.”

Keith Smith, President Allstar Energy Inc.

Advantages of

Accounts Receivable Credit Line Program

  • Suited for all industries and business types

  • Immediate financing upon approval

  • Credit insurance and A/R management services included that reduce risk, time, and overhead expenses

  • 24/7 online reporting system

  • Not balance sheet or time-in-business dependent

  • No long-term contracts, hidden fees, or debt

  • Ability to grow business

  • Access to our lower cost loans than Quicken loans, OnDeck, etc.

  • Customized, flexible approach with local decision-maker

  • Liquid Capital is the largest network of alternative funding professionals across North America

Industries Served