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Cash Plus Program

Did you know you can get cash, based on your future sales, even if you don’t take credit cards?  Maybe you want to open a new location, pay for advertising, make improvements, or just weather a storm. Our new funding program, based on combined monthly revenue, can supply the boost a company needs.  If this is a fit for you, we will work closely with you to find the perfect funding amount, rate, and payment timeline. We require you to document your company’s monthly gross revenue and sales, which are verified by your bank deposits.  You’ll need steady, predictable revenue and a credit score of at least 500.    Funding will not interfere with existing loans or credit lines.  Our Cash Plus program is a great way to expand into other Liquid Capital programs that can enable you to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.Lines of Credit

Advantages of

The Cash-Plus Difference

  • Funding based on deposits from any combination of sources: No problem if you don’t accept credit cards

  • Repay from your cash account via ACH debit and/or from your credit card account (if you are retail)

  • Repay as a percentage of daily sales or as a fixed amount

  • You can renew at the end of the term if you have a good payment history

  • Access to our lower cost loans than Quicken loans, OnDeck, etc

  • Funding up to 125% of average gross monthly sales or up to $500,000

  • Easy, fast pre-approvals: Within 24 hours

  • Use the funds for just about any business need

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