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Fed Award Plus

Our Fed Award Plus program helps you capitalize on the opportunities that exist once your company wins government contracts. We provide you with an Accounts Receivable Credit Line to finance your receivables, which is not dependent on the value of your collateral, except for your receivables.  We can increase your Trade Credit Lines by guaranteeing suppliers that we will pay them at the time you invoice the government.  This makes more cash available to you and allows you to pay for inventory without using your existing operating capital.


Advantages of

Fed Award Plus Program

  • We have extensive knowledge of the federal billing and awards systems, WAWF, and Assignments of Claims

  • We offer a coordinated financial approach to cash flow management, so you can grow as fast as the opportunities arise

  • We can fund contracts for mid-sized companies up to $10 million per month

  • We have the capacity to manage the full cycle of your company’s Accounts Receivable:

    When you are ready to bill the government, we invoice it in WAWF, track its status, and reconcile your account once it gets paid

  • Our expertise and attention speeds up payments and allows you to concentrate on other areas of your business

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