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Purchase Finance Program (PFP)

New business opportunities require working capital.  You may need to finance components or materials to fulfill a purchase order.  Maybe you want to finance purchases for resale.  Perhaps you need capital for mobilization so you can perform on a government contract.  Accounts receivable financing isn’t an option until you have already completed work or delivered products. we designed our Purchase Finance Program (PFP) to meet your need for “opportunities” working capital.  In this era of more restrictive bank lending, this program can be put in place if you are a credit-worthy company with a bank line, without disturbing existing bank credit line conditions. Our program has no rigid preset conditions, no hidden costs and no onerous lending covenants.  It has become one of our most popular financing programs.

purchase finance program

After five years spent working with Liquid Capital, we have higher volumes. It has enabled us to use other couriers, hire more people and vehicles. Liquid Capital not only saved us money, it MADE us money.

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Advantages of

Purchase Finance Program

  • Easy, fast turnaround

  • No complicated letters of credit

  • Not disruptive to existing lender security

  • Strengthens financial health of client

  • No conditions placed on purchase goods

  • Raw materials, parts, equipment OK

  • No complicated delivery or storage covenants

  • Helps clients take advantage of supplier discounts, limited time offers and bulk purchasing opportunities

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