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Purchase Order Financing

Do you have sales orders from credit-worthy customers but lack the funds to fill them?
Liquid Capital Purchase Order (P.O.) Financing covers up to 100% of the cost of product in transit. This allows you to purchase pre-sold product quickly without drawing on your bank line of credit.

Foreign and domestic manufacturers often require Letters of Credit before beginning production or commencing shipment of a finished product. With Purchase Order Financing, we provide Letters of Credit for you when required. We also arrange for product inspection anywhere in the world, ensuring quality and purchase order compliance.

Purchase order financing

Before Liquid Capital, I was unable to fund the orders needed to grow my business and had to turn opportunities away. Now, business is booming.

Harry Locke, Locke Imports Inc.

Advantages of

Purchase Order Financing

  • Upon approval, immediate financing to purchase product quickly

  • Flexible, customized funding arrangement directly with funding source

  • Product inspection by international agency to ensure quality and compliance

Industries Served